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The Backpack Squad's details:

Who are we?

An organization located in Elk River, Minnesota; providing backpacks filled with high quality, essential school supplies to children in need.


  1. So many families struggle to meet the daily, basic needs of life that adding school supplies is just not a feasible option.                 2: Homelessness is another factor into a students need for supplies. 

  3: Prevent bullying from other students based on the lower quality supplies potentially received.




     Sending children back to school with all essential supplies for starting the year off right.  

While also sending them with the confidence in knowing they have everything they need, so their focus can be on their education. 


​Latest Project:

As school is beginning to let out for hte summer, we are already in the gathering and planning phases for the 2023-2024 Back-to-School season!

We are curretnly gathering new and gently used backpacks, scissors, rulers and other items that would otherwise be thrown away. We reuse and recycle items. 

Our goal this year is 250 Backpacks to children within Sherburne, Hennepin and Wright Counties!

However, we will not turn anyone away. 


Elementary Supplies included in each backpack.

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